Monday, August 30, 2010

Firetruck Party Design

I just finished uploading the Listing for the Firetruck Party elements. All the products I had for my son's party, plus more, are available in my Etsy store. It's kind of exciting!

Here are some pictures of my son's party. As I said, I created all the graphics. The items in the store are slightly different since everything I designed originally had our names on it. I also made the cake and most of the desserts for the dessert table. Unfortunately it was a little dark and I would have liked better photos... None the less it was fun!
Here's the Firetruck cake I made. Red Velvet inside!:"Blazing" Brownie Pops:"Combustible" Caramel Corn & Firehouse Cookie Pops:Homemade Marshmallows "Flamers":Extras:
My growing little boy!

Like the Printables? You can purchase them here!


thehomespunheart said...

I love this! My son will be three in January and is in love with fire trucks!!!

Question: where did the hydrant cups come from? I've not been able to find them!

Everything looks great!

Michele said...

Thanks Monica. I should have mentioned, the fire hydrant cups came from Birthday Express but I had to wait for them to be in stock. I would start looking now for January, just in case, though it looks like they're available now. Here's the link:

Sweetest Harmony said...

Love your party!! So cute!! Where did you get all the brick paper?

Michele said...

Hi Jessi. I've seen the brick paper (backdrop) online but was excited to find a roll of it at Michaels (and use my 40% off coupon)! The small table top items with brick I printed using stock art from online.

Shelley said...

What a precious party!!!

Shelley @

Christina@pluffmuddstudio said...

I would love to showcase this party on my blog! Do you mind if I share?

Mindi said...

i'm interested in those match books. are you selling that printable? or how did you make it? I think it is simply adorable!!!

So creative!

gogogirl_10 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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