Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Real Party :: "Some Like It Hot ... Pink"

My sister-in-law Gabriella is turning 30 and you know that a milestone like that requires some special attention. My brother-in-law, Mark and I chatted and I was thrilled that he took me up on the offer to have a get-together at my house instead of meeting at a restaurant. He brought (and prepared) the dinner food, yummy barbecue with sides and fruit, and I made the desserts.

I basically put this together in about 24 hours, including the design, so it was a bit rushed. Thanks to my husband and brother-in-law it worked out nicely!
Of course, one of the first things I like to do is come up with a theme or color scheme that reflects the guest of honor. After going through the usual stuff - "Flirty Thirty", "Dirty Thirty", etc. nothing felt right. Gabby's favorite color has always been pink and I started going that direction. I'm not sure how but as I was playing around in my design program I worked up "Some Like It Hot... Pink"  Perfect! I searched the web really quick and didn't find any parties with this title (though it was a quick search.) So that's the direction I went. I created an entry sign, banners, buffet cards, favor tags and bottle wraps. I had to put together the favors at the very last minute (actually during the party) and several items didn't get put up in time but I do have them in the photos. :D 
Several years ago I salvaged the bottom cabinet from my dad's workshop as he was going to get rid of it while moving. I loved the curve of the top and had to have it. We needed more shelving so I designed and built this shelving unit to compliment the bottom complete with crown molding too. For the party, it became the perfect little area for the desserts as our many little hands couldn't reach the goodies until it was time.

We had our family over along with some surprise guest friends of Gabby's. It was great! The weather wasn't too hot or humid so everyone enjoyed eating in the backyard. All of us have young children so it worked out really well for them as they played around the little blow up pool and play center.

Gabriella really likes Red Velvet cake so Mark suggested it for cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I added Brownie Pops because she likes those too, along with pink marshmallows, sour watermelon gummies, and chocolate twizzlers that I put in my pink straw dispenser.

And here she is - the birthday girl!  She's just lovely!

Happy Birthday Gabriella! Wish you many more!
 If you're interested in purchasing this party design it's stocked in my etsy shop as a print-it-yourself package.


Deliciously Darling Events said...

So so so awesome M! <3 The smile on your SIL face says it all, amazing!!! Lots of love!

~ LaVonne said...

oh i love it! i love pink & i love that you just "threw" this together! you're so creative! :)

Mrs. Luttrell said...

Oh Michele you did such a GREAT JOB!!! Gabby is so lucky to have such a great sis -in-law!

Stacy @ She's {kinda} Crafty said...

I love it all, especially the straw "flags"!!!

Latisha Horton said...

That party doesn't look "thrown" together ... you did a beautiful job as usual Michele - you rock!

Tiffany@Fizzy Party! said...

Love the party! It looks perfect from where I'm looking. Fabulous job for not having much time. I bet you all had a GREAT time.


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