Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ciao Bambino Baby Shower

Well, considering my nephew is almost 7 months old, I would say this post is just a bit overdue though I'm still very excited to share it. My family heritage is Italian and we love it. My dad was born in Sicily and my mom's family is from southern Italy. We've visited our family there many times and enjoy the time we spend reminiscing over our loud Italian gatherings. So, when it came time to choose a theme for my sister's baby shower it just seemed appropriate for it to reflect our treasured heritage. Thus - Ciao Bambino! (It means 'Hello Baby Boy')

We held the shower at my parents' house and decided to serve an early lunch thinking we could make some simple lunch foods and then share some authentic desserts. I love how it all turned out but it was far from simple. LOL My sister's friends and family happily pitched in with prep before the party which was extra special and we had a really great time!

Now, on to the photos!  We used buffet cards to share the Italian names of the items on the tables. Due to space, it worked out for us to have both savory and sweet on one large table with the beverage table and favors/advice area on either side.

I found alphabet blocks that had Italian words on them. Love!
We served Strawberry Italian Soda and of course served it in baby bottles!
Some of the games we played were "Diaper Bag Memory Game", "Sock Matching Relay", "Baby Animals Names", the amazingly fun "Tinkle in a cup" and "Gift Bingo".
Many thanks to my mom for allowing us to party there and for doing so much of the work. Also big thanks to those who helped and those who brought such wonderful gifts! Judah is enjoying them all!
Like the design? They'll be in the shop soon!


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